Create Balance.




Self-care is of paramount importance. If you are not operating with maximum vitality, your ability to be fully present in your body, mind and spirit is diminished. Left unchecked, dis-ease inevitably arises.
Rich Awakenings offers a variety of holistic tools and the highest quality natural solutions to support you in honoring your sacred vessel so you can restore equilibrium and create balance.


Intuitive Reiki Sessions


Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’. This is an extremely powerful, yet gentle healing modality. Your session begins with an intuitive oracle card reading to get insight into what is ready to be healed and transmuted. During your Reiki session, imbalances in your physical body and energetic centers (chakras) will be infused with subtle energy (chi) allowing for a renewed level of flow, healing and vitality.

You’ll also receive customized essential oil recommendations to support your healing and wellness goals. Sessions can be done in-person if you live in San Diego or via Zoom live video meeting wherever you are in the world. Distance sessions are extremely effective and recorded for your future reference.


Are you ready to say YES to yourself?
Book your Intuitive Reiki Session and get ready to have one of the most
relaxing, enlightening and empowering experiences of your life.
PACKAGE: Purchase 4 sessions, receive the 5th session FREE!


Essential Oils


Essential oils are nature’s healing gift to the world. They can be used to:

  • Boost immunity & decrease toxic load

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Process emotions

  • Enhance cellular vitality

  • Heighten mental clarity, focus & retention

  • Elevate & deepen spiritual connection…and so much more!

As with all things, quality and purity matter when it comes to using essential oils.


If you'd like to learn how to safely and effectively use these precious natural solutions for your physical, emotional or spiritual well being, request a complimentary Create Vitality conversation.


Receive,Restore,& Re-balance with Nature
Book your complimentary Create Vitality conversation today! 

You can also explore many Essential Oil Options, DIY Projects and Cooking Recipes here.


Rich is a Platinum doTERRA Wellness Advocate and regularly offers complimentary classes on how to use essential oils to create and sustain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Check the Events page for an upcoming class!

"Under Rich’s guidance, essential oils are a significant aspect of the patient experience in my clinic and an integral part of my daily family life. They help us eat well, think well, move well, and be well. Thank you Rich!"

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Dr. Suzanne Tamlyn,
Hudson Valley Whole Life Center