Visionaries On Video LIVE

Welcome to Visionaries On Video LIVE! The videos in this 8 part series are excerpted from Rich Oceguera's premiere one day LIVE event Visionaries On Video LIVE -- How To Unmute Your Message and Build Your Authority Using Video!

In this training you will learn:

  • How to Unleash yourself as the authority in your industry that you know is inside you!
  • Proven tools for developing a confident and charasmatic Mindset!
  • How to Unlock your stories and how to tell them in a succinct way that commands attention and interest in your services!
  • Why Televising your own streaming video show is a unique and smart way to establish your credibility, generate qualified leads and help more people!
  • How to Expand your video content in multiple monetizable formats to build your brand, offer value and increase sales!

PLUS you get a BONUS session with Rich. He will take you on a relaxing and powerful guided visualization where you will create the future of your business with you as the leading authority in your industry center stage!

Visionaries On Video LIVE

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