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Episode 5: How to Unleash Your Voice


Have you ever felt like your voice doesn't matter? Did someone tell you to keep your mouth shut because how you sound is not welcomed? You are not alone!

That's why I invited this week's guest, Devavani, of Devavani Voice Journeys to tell us about her own musical journey and how she helps people to reclaim and open their voice as a certified Yoga of the Voice trainer. If you want to learn how you can unleash your voice with confidence watch this episode of The Divine Urge! You'll even get a taste of a Yoga of the Voice session that you can keep practicing on your own.

Rich and Devavani Explore

  • What it was like growing up in a musical family

  • The sacred Columbian 'Pagamento Ritual' to give back to the land

  • How Devavani was led to living a life dedicated to the path of the voice

  • What Yoga of the Voice is all about

  • The difference between 'singing' and 'opening your voice'

  • Why you CAN use your voice with confidence

  • The life-changing power of chanting sanskrit mantras

  • Sound as the primordial seed that birthed all creation (Nada Brahma)

  • How each sound, syllable or word is a packet of energetic code

  • How chanting mantras massively opened up Rich's life and Devavani's explanation of why that happened (this is great stuff!)

  • Why you want to cultivate the various expressions of your voice

  • Ubuntu Choir and why a cappella singing is inspiring Devavani

And be sure to watch the Q & A at the end of the show! There are many more golden nuggets in her answers to the community's questions.

Connect with Devavani

Follow Devavani at Send her a message and sign up for her newsletter to hear about upcoming retreats and how you can open your voice with Devavani's support!

Work with Rich

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