Episode 12: How to Heal Your Attachment to Racism feat: Gino Walker


NEXT UP on The Divine Urge we explore racism and the spiritual tools we can use to let the stories go that gave root to those beliefs. My featured guest is Gino Walker, a musical sensation who travels the world sharing her extraordinary music and voice, lifting spirits wherever she goes. Be prepared to be knocked out with a sucker punch of love and honesty as we celebrate Black History month in this special episode!

Rich and Gino Explore

  • Rich's experiences with racism growing up in Los Angeles and his attempts to appear less brown to avoid experiencing racism

  • Why studying the history of racism keeps us stuck in that energy

  • How Abraham Hicks shifted Gino's beliefs about being a victim of racism

  • Gino's experiences of racism while shopping and even at church

  • How your consciousness rises experiences of racism fade when your beliefs in your own self-worth shift (THIS is powerful!)

  • Why Gino changed how she perceived herself from a black woman of God to a Child of God first and how that changed everything

  • How to shift your perception to see the Divine showing up everywhere (WHOA!)

  • Gino's childhood and why Sister Patricia kicked her out of choir practice

  • What happened when young Gino asked Sister Georgia, "What's the point of being good in this life?" and how it changed her understanding about God

  • How Gino discovered the world of metaphysics and new thought

  • Living from the inside out vs outside in

  • What Gino's upcoming I AM Diversity class is about (link below)

  • How to short-circuit anything that is negatively running you

  • What racism is really about

  • This Week's Featured Essential Oil: Forgive Renewing Blend and how it is energetically calibrated to help you forgive what has been shutting you down (ask Rich for a sample! See how below.)

Stay Connected with Gino

Experience more of Gino's incredible voice and watch 100+ interviews that she hosted with change-makers who are making a positive impact https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyt0jpf5rJU1oLPRwHkVFCg

Register for Gino's I AM Diversity class https://www.universalspiritcenter.org/i-am-diversity-w-gino


Featured Essential Oil of the Week

"Are you carrying a burden that grows heavier with time? Would you be better off just letting it go and facing a future unfettered by anger and guilt? When you are ready to move forward, doTERRA Forgive Renewing Blend of tree and herb essential oils will help you discover the liberating action of forgiving, forgetting, and moving on. Start each of your tomorrows relieved and contented with Forgive Renewing Blend." ~ doTERRA

Forgive Renewing Blend dissipates feelings of:




Learn much more about Forgive to see how it can support you in your healing work.

Want to try Forgive oil? Send an email to Rich at rich@richawakenings.com requesting your free sample and he'll send one along with easy instructions on how to use it to support your current wellness goals! [Can ship to U.S. addresses only and must not be a current doTERRA customer]


Connect with Rich

Rich offers mindset & mindfulness training and also teaches workshops on how to use essential oils to improve and protect your health and elevate your spiritual practices. Schedule a complimentary conversation with Transformation Catalyst Rich Oceguera to see what's possible for you! Rich is also available for team trainings, media & podcast interviews, speaking engagements, essential oil education workshops, and, yes, stand up comedy performances.

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