Episode 9: How to Leave Your Legacy of Love


Becoming terminally ill or dying is something most people don't like to focus on, let alone plan for. But if you don't have a plan the results can be draining, expensive and disastrous for the loved ones you leave behind. On this episode of The Divine Urge, my featured guest Attorney Alanna Pearl, founder of Conscious Legal, will give practical tips on how to plan for the future in a way that ensures you leave a legacy of love. You'll also hear the story of how Alanna followed her intuition and left the traditional legal world to create a new kind of law firm that is aligned with her personal values and desire to be of service. There is a ton of important information in this episode so be sure to watch and share it with your family and friends.

Rich and Alanna Explore:

  • Why Alanna decided to become an attorney and how she created a new kind of law firm with a focus on true service

  • Why it's important to listen to your heart and intuition vs other people's ideas for you

  • What legal life planning is and why YOU want to have your own plan in place to avoid or reduce chaos, conflict and court for your loved ones

  • What's included in your life plan to protect and pass on your assets (belongings, money, pets, children, digital assets)

  • The State's plan for you should you not have one of your own (HINT: you don't want the State's plan!)

  • How to get started with creating your own legal life plan one step at a time

  • The difference between a dry, transactional approach to life planning and a conscious, counselor-based experience

  • How your credit score affects your ability to be a fiduciary agent for a loved one

  • What probate court is and why you want to avoid it

  • Your minor-aged children and how to avoid child protective services

  • Why it's important to capture your wishes, memories and stories on video as a legacy of love for your family

  • Special concerns for same-sex partners

  • The little red wagon and why you may want one (if you own real estate or assets of more than $150,000 or have minor-aged children don't miss this piece!)

  • Why Frankincense is Alanna's favorite essential and how she uses it! Energetically it's known as the Oil of Truth.

  • Rich's Oil of the Week: Siberian Fir -- the essential oil of Aging & Perspective and why Rich picked it for this episode (he offered a free sample so take him up on it!).

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San Diego Humane Society Pet Guardianship https://plannedgiving.sdhumane.org/pet-guardianship-program

Learn about Siberian Fir and Frankincense essential oils.


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