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Episode 6: Feminine Rising (A New Dawn Has Arrived)


Old systems are crumbling and a new dawn of divine feminine energy is rising. And Dr. Elizabeth Locey is one of the most articulate and powerful people I know to help us understand what the Divine Feminine is and how we all, men and women alike, can harness this energy to move our lives, businesses and humanity to new levels of empowerment and harmony. We had a blast doing this interview and if you are like me and interested in ancient history and mystical meanings you'll definitely want to watch this episode!

Rich and Elizabeth Explore

  • Why Elizabeth left her tenured position as a professor to become a spiritual teacher

  • Intuition and the unexpected gifts it brings us when we listen

  • The ancient global schism that led to a patriarchal focused society

  • Biblical references pointing to the denigration of women and the shift away from the reverence of the Divine Feminine to validate the patriarchy

  • The mystical meaning of the apple, serpent and Venus (you have to hear this!)

  • The nature of Divine Feminine energy and how it co-exists with Divine Masculine

  • Examples of the rise of Divine Feminine & Masculine energies in modern society

  • How every human contains both energies and how to actually embody them

  • What it's like to live and work by intuition stepping into the realm of "I don't know"

  • Tapping into the Divine Feminine using Rose Quartz and sacred Rose and Frankincense essential oils

  • Ways to feel and experience Divine Feminine energy

  • The spiritual message in the movie "Frozen 2"

  • Planetary energies, Winter Solstice and the Eclipse Season

  • What's inspiring Elizabeth these days

Stay Connected with Elizabeth

Learn more about Elizabeth's work as a Priestess, Crystal Adept & Akashic Records Channel on her website and be sure to register for her free gift "Navigating Eclipse Season". I know you will be blown away!

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Did you know Rich is an essential oil expert? He can help you determine which essential oils you can use to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Schedule a complimentary conversation with Transformation Catalyst Rich Oceguera to learn how to add essential oils to your journey of self mastery!


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