Episode 3: The Healing Power of Human Connection

Updated: Jan 12, 2020


On this special Thanksgiving episode, Rich Oceguera shares tips on how to practice connecting with yourself and others. If you deal with social anxiety, fall on the introverted side of the spectrum or simply want to improve your ability to make better connections with yourself, others and even your Higher Power, then watch this episode of The Divine Urge. Rich also talks about his new Letters to Eli initiative that gives you an opportunity to practice the art of human connection with a complete stranger. He ends the episode with a powerful guided visualization to train you on the practice of being grateful in advance. Check it out!

Rich explores:

  • Why some people struggle with making connections with others

  • The desire to be seen and known

  • Rich’s experience dealing with social anxiety and being an introvert

  • Three tools for cultivating self connection and confidence in forming new relationships

  • The danger of isolating yourself when having heavy emotions

  • Shifting from lonely martyr energy to the empowered choice to be alone

  • Why you are worthy and deserving of loving relationships

  • How to use gratitude to develop your ability to connect

  • Essential oils to elevate your gratitude practice

  • Why being in community and getting support for others is important

  • The Letters to Eli initiative and how you can participate in it

  • How Letters to Eli came to Rich as a divine urge

  • The surprising reactions people are having from sending Letters to Eli

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Send Letters to Eli

Want to join the Letters to Eli movement? RSVP here. It's a super simple and gratifying way to send a little love to a stranger and in the process receive the gift of human connection!

"I received a beautiful letter today from Eli. I had sent him a card with some encouraging words and let him know about some of the work I do. As I read it, I was crying. I am so touched by his journey and feel honored that he wrote a letter back. I am planning on sending him another note/card in the hopes we can continue to inspire one another. In the end, that's what we are here for...as Ram Das says, "to walk each other home."

~ Mary Anne Flannigan, Letters to Eli Participant


Chat with Rich

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