Episode 2: It's Time for Your Unique Soul's Voice to be Heard!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

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In this episode of The Divine Urge, Rich Oceguera interviews Devi Adea, host of the People's Choice Nominated podcast The Spiritual Entrepreneur. She graces us as our very first guest on the The Divine Urge show! Devi shares her story of coming out of the spiritual closet and how she followed her intuition to leave a successful, yet unfulfilling, career in the corporate world to become an entrepreneur doing work that is in alignment with her soul's purpose. And she offers you tips on how you can put your passion projects into the world too!

Devi Adea is a “soul-full” speaker, consciousness coach, podcaster, and business strategist. As the host of the top-ranked Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast and creator of the popular Podcast on Purpose Online Academy, Devi moves entrepreneurs and leaders to embrace their soul’s purpose and to share their message with the world so they can experience elevated freedom, fulfillment and results in work and life. Devi is a recognized “Icon of Influence” in New Media Space.  She interviews today’s top podcasters and influencers on her show, Podcast on Purpose and shares her spiritual entrepreneurial insights on Devi TV - The Podcast. When she is not serving or interviewing leaders in their industry, Devi enjoys making music, doing yoga, and spending time with her husband and their adorable fur babies in their home in San Diego, CA.

Rich and Devi explore:

  • Devi's upbringing in a spiritual / mystical family

  • Devi's transition from working in the corporate world to being an entrepreneur

  • What is a spiritual entrepreneur

  • The importance of having community to support your vision

  • When to take baby steps vs giant leaps

  • How Devi started her first podcast "The Spiritual Entrepreneur"

  • The roles of creativity and intuition in creating and running a business

  • Spiritual practices for become attuned to your intuition

  • The "Shower Portal" and the role water plays in listening to divine guidance

  • Rich's Encinitas lightening bolt moment that confirmed his move from NYC to San Diego

  • Spiritual 2 x 4's and the importance of listening to your intuition

  • How to interact with people who do not understand you

  • Devi's 'Living Namaste' practice (listen for this nugget!)

  • The 'podcasters pause' and the value of pausing and breathing before reacting

  • Keeping meaningful anchors in your work space to inspire you

  • Why your voice (message) matters

  • Prayers and conversations for asking the Universe for what you need

  • Devi's free gifts for viewers (scroll down for the links!)

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Interested in starting a podcast of your own? Get Devi's equipment start up guide www.podcastingonpurpose.com.

Want to ramp up your manifesting skills? Get Devi's "how to" audio at www.deviadea.com/freeupgrade.


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