Episode 11: How to Be Courageous ~ Even if you think you're an introvert!


The fear of being seen or heard stops so many people from living full out. I used to be one of those guys myself until I realized how much it was crippling my ability to succeed in life and business. But how exactly do you go from wallflower to taking center stage in your life? Join us for a special conversation with Amy Lisewski, CEO of Finest City Improv and self-proclaimed "introverted extrovert" to learn how improv can help you Be Courageous and an all around better human!

Rich and Amy explore:

  • Amy's transition from a career in library science to acting and improv

  • What get's Amy out of bed in the morning

  • Why it's important to know your super powers and using them often

  • How Amy was led to the world of improv and Second City Los Angeles

  • The birth of Finest City Improv in San Diego

  • How Rich was first exposed to improv at Columbia College Chicago

  • Amy's secret to business success is find the best people and take good care of them

  • Why developing confidence on stage and camera creates opportunities

  • Why learning improv is really about learning tools to take risks, expand your comfort zone and turn ideas into action

  • How Amy works with CEO's, managers and scientists to help them and their teams increase productivity and profitability

  • The Zen of Improv

  • How practicing improv teaches trust and the ability to be present when things go off script on stage and in life

  • How Amy made $500 for getting up on a stage and turned that into a business (you have to hear this story!)

  • What is introversion and extroversion and how to work with these characteristics

  • Improv is like playing in a sandbox with your friends

  • What you learn from improv: leaning on your teammates, trusting that others have your back, the "yes and" mindset, listening skills, responding with speed and conviction

  • Social anxiety and how improv can help you navigate it by learning to be in the moment for supporting someone else (DON'T MISS THIS PART!)

  • The Featured Essential Oil of the Week: Cassia the Oil of Self Assurance (be sure to ask Rich for your free sample! See Additional Links section below for instructions.)

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Additional Links

FinestCityImprov.com/business (consider having Amy present a training at your company)

Check out Amy's book: "Relax, We're All Just Making This Stuff Up!"

Learn more about Cassia essential oil. Send an email to Rich at rich@richawakenings.com requesting your free sample of an essential oil and he'll send you one along with easy instructions on how to use it based on your current wellness goals! [Will ship to U.S. addresses only and must not be a current doTERRA customer]


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