Episode 10: Laugh Your Face Off


We've all heard that humor is healing to the soul. But is laughter actually a spiritual tool? In this episode of The Divine Urge my featured guest Katy Bray (gifted Clairvoyant and Transformational Leader) and I explore humor as a spiritual practice and why it's OK, even necessary, to laugh your face off as often as possible!

If you know have you psychic skills, or suspect you do, you absolutely want to watch this episode.

Rich and Katy Explore:

  • How Katy first discovered she has psychic awareness (she was only 3 years old!)

  • What it was like growing up as an intuitive empath and clairvoyant

  • How Katy dealt with accepting her skills and the addiction struggles it created

  • The reckoning moment that forced Katy to fully step into using her intuitive skills

  • What in the heck does humor have to do with seeing dead people?

  • How to balance all of the parts of who you are on your unique spiritual path

  • How humor allows us to be lighthearted as we observe ourselves during difficult moments

  • Ways to build your laughter muscle (Laughter Yoga, Comedy Movies, Conscious Dance)

  • Is laughing a spiritual gift?

  • How laughter creates resonance and deep connection with others

  • The connection between the lower chakras and laughter and how to move energy

  • Katy's approach to balancing all of her many roles as a mom, wife, business owner, teacher and her own self care (don't miss this part!)

  • Why Katy is loving Neroli and Ylang Ylang essential oils and Rich's research on Wild Orange and its connection to a sense of humor (see below for info on how you can get a free sample of one of these essential oils!)

  • Upcoming opportunities to work with Katy to learn how to eat to increase your psychic awareness abilities

  • How to become aware of and understand signs that your deceased loved ones are sending to you (you definitely want to hear this!)

Stay Connected with Katy

Learn more about Katy Bray's multi-dimensional offerings and book an appointment with her at www.livewiththelightson.com. I can personally vouch for her excellence and highly recommend her!


Additional Links

Laughter Yoga Videos (OMG I'm listening as I write this and have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!)

Learn more about Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Wild Orange essential oils. Send an email to Rich at rich@richawakenings.com requesting your free sample of an essential oil and he'll send you one along with easy instructions on how to use it based on your current wellness goals! [Will ship to U.S. addresses only and must not be a current doTERRA customer]


Transform with Rich

Rich offers consultations on mindset & mindfulness training and how to use essential oils to improve and protect your health and elevate your spiritual practices. Schedule a complimentary conversation with Transformation Catalyst Rich Oceguera to see what's possible! Rich is also available for team trainings, media & podcast interviews, essential oil education workshops, and, yes, stand up comedy performances.

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