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Episode 8: A Man's Heart of Service


Is it possible to create a meaningful and sustainable life based on being of service? Dave Kemp aka DTO is a Grammy nominated music producer, musician and teacher who's dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet by inspiring people through his uplifting music and life-changing projects.

Dave talks about his spiritual transformation, his creative process and how he's created an abundant life by being of service and sharing his radiant energy across the globe! He gives straight up solid advice on how you, too, can unleash your own creative genius.

Rich and DTO Explore:

  • Growing up in Iowa and his early experiences with music (and corn)

  • Why music is medicine and a tool for awakening

  • Dave's definition of "conscious music" and how it compares to secular / top 40 music

  • How yoga led Dave to seeing a new vision for his life that he never knw was possible

  • The awakening he experienced at the 2013 Bhakti Fest that inspired his first album "Nameless Energy"

  • How Rich and Dave met and became friends at the first Daybreaker San Diego event

  • Facing fears and stretching beyond the comfort zone

  • The mind-blowing power and impact of live music at a yoga class

  • How the energy of music activates our bodies at the cellular level to create radical presence

  • The "get good grades, get a good job" indoctrination

  • How to unleash the creative person you know you are meant to be (THIS IS GOLD!)

  • Leveraging your skill sets and personal connections plus what you LOVE to do to create a wholistic life

  • How Dave's brand "DTO"was created and what it represents

  • Dave's process for creating his albums

  • The backstory to Dave's production "Radiance: A Veteran's Journey of Awakening" to support veterans in healing from PTSD


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