Thank you for registering to participate in this kindness movement!

Eli has been working diligently to ready himself for life in our modern world. Things have changed drastically since he's been in prison and he's doing his best to be prepared for re-entering society.


A few words of encouragement would make a huge difference to him. Eli is quite smart, compassionate and has a good sense of humor despite the circumstances. 

And please know that Eli does his best to respond to every person who writes to him. Some of my friends actually communicate with him more than they do with me! 

Here's how to participate: simply write a letter to Eli and drop it in the mail. 

You might be thinking, "I don't know Eli. What should I say?!"


Here's some ideas to start with:

  • Introduce yourself and let him know that you are connected to his brother Rich 

  • Ask him about the many courses he's been taking to educate himself 

  • Ask what a typical day is like for him

  • Tell him about the work you do or things that inspire you

  • Ask him to share what he envisions his life to be like when he comes out of prison

  • Offer words of encouragement to keep the faith!

  • Suggest books on self-improvement or give him your mentoring advice 

You are welcome to include an unframed photo of yourself if you are so inclined. But no Polaroids or added backing to photos. 

Because Eli is in prison we do have to follow some common sense guidelines, so please be mindful of this when writing. DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • non-paper materials of ANY kind

  • paper clips, staples or any metal objects

  • sexually explicit material of any kind 

  • contraband or ANY mention of contraband 

  • discussion relating to escape or harming ANY individuals

  • money (there are approved ways to support him if you are inclined and you can write to ask him how) 


You can find more guidelines here: 


IF you are unsure about anything please reach out and ask:

Send your letter (13oz max weight) to:

Elias R. Oceguera

CDCR# G20151

CSP-CEN: D3/136
P.O. Box 931

Imperial, CA 92251

Thank you so much for participating in this initiative! My hope is that together we can give my brother Eli some wind beneath his wings and let him know he is worthy of love, attention and kindness, even from perfect strangers.

Lastly, my goal is to have 100 people send letters to Eli. This can be achieved with your help! Will you please share this initiative with your friends and networks? Simply send this link and ask people to take a look and consider joining you in making a difference:



Rich Oceguera 

PLEASE bookmark this page so you can refer to it in the future as this page is intentionally hidden from the main website navigation and accessible only by those who registered.