My Hero's Journey

About Rich


When I was a kid I used to imagine that one day I’d be a teacher. I’d gather my cousins and brother to play school with them. There was something about imparting knowledge that sparked my soul, yet they'd rather be out playing sports.


My grandmother had hoped I'd grow up to be a preacher man. Something about her vision also piqued my interest. Little did I know that many moons later these seeds would sprout and one day blossom into the work I get to do in the world today.

I'm not a traditional school teacher. And I'm definitely not a preacher man. No, the Universe had something else in mind that would combine my zeal for learning and teaching and my passion for connecting to the Divine.


At the age of 17, a devastating incident changed my life. A high school classmate decided it was his job to tell my mother I am gay. It was an awful shock to me and my parents. And I could never have imagined what would happen next.

In a family meeting with the pastor of our church I was asked to choose between being Christian or gay. "I'm both," I said. But the pastor insisted I pick one. So I said I am gay. And based on that I was told to leave my home and the church. Somehow I knew in my heart that God could not be so exclusive. It was a confusing and scary time during which I received death threats at school and had to deal with losing all forms of connection and stability in my life. But I believed there had to be more to God than this. 

Fast forward a few years and new and mind blowing ways
of understanding the Divine crossed my path. 

"A Course In Miracles" and Marianne Williamson; "You Can Heal Your Life" and Louise Hayes and "Autobiography of a Yogi" and Yogananda Paramahansa seemed to magically appear just at the right time.


As I suspected, God is expansive and inclusive!

The Divine is everywhere, living in everything and is not the property of any religion or belief system. She is expansive and inclusive. God is the Universe.

And so my life-long spiritual journey began to unfold and along the way I have explored the beauty of so many personal and spiritual development paths. Mystical Christianity, Kabbalah, Vedism, Shamanism, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, Law of Attraction, Gene Keys, Science of Mind and Ontological Studies have taught me how to tap into the Truth of who I AM.

Drawing from these practices I continue to learn, and, ultimately, remember that:

There is One Universal Mind...
Everything is Connected...
Only Love is Real and Everything Else is an Illusion.


To sum it up: I AM the Universe. (And so are you!) And once you really believe that in your bones, you'll be amazed at your ability to experience Divine Flow and live in a stream of synchronicity and abundance. And now I have the great honor of sharing this wisdom with those who are ready to receive and embody it.

Here at Rich Awakenings I teach the ascension tools for self-mastery that I have been taught from my many teachers so we can all live powerfully as we
share our gifts, Purpose and unique medicine with the world.

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